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Welcome to our website. Through this site Caesar and Howie, a division of the Caesar & Howie Group, offer a specially tailored service to the Polish community in the UK.  We aim to help Poles obtain finance and buy homes throughout the UK.  We work with a panel of mortgage advisers and solicitors throughout the United Kingdom,  so if you wish to buy anywhere in the UK you need only phone us to get things underway.

Buying a home may seem to be a tough job – especially if you (the buyer) are not proficient in the English language.  But the truth is that thousands of people living in Britain buy each year quite successfully and we aim to ensure that thousands of Poles can do that too. 

We provide the full service needed to purchase your new home including:-

  1. Helping obtain the finance
  2. Advising on all aspects of purchase
  3. Issuing the offer to the seller
  4. Concluding the contract
  5. Checking the property title
  6. Completing the transfer of the title to you (the buyer)



We have come to understand the difficulties some you may have in trying to buy.  Our Polish Team will help any buyer to get started on the buying process.  We know the worries polish buyers may have.  We will then introduce you to Caesar and Howie and the buying process will begin.  For those, not yet with a good grasp of English, we will attend meetings with your lawyers and those arranging your (the buyer) mortgage to explain procedures in Polish (if required).  


To find out more please phone our Polish Team 0845 855 9900 or contact


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